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to this alleged alibi from demarcus elkins, the older suspect, now his aunt was saying that he was with her that night, that it's impossible that they got the wrong guy. yesterday after the press conference i asked the police that specific question how do you know you guys got the right individuals? as you mentioned the suspects were arrested with the help of the mother's description, they also said they cross-referenced with area school's attendance records to see who was missing that day but listen to what demarch kiss elkins' mother told our local affiliate last night. >> i am devastated. i'm sad because they got the wrong person. i hate what happened to that baby because no baby deserved to go through that but at the same time they're taking someone to jail that is innocent. i'm 100% de'marquis elkins was not there. >> reporter: officers say family members don't want to believe someone could do this. they have not gone in front of the court but new information to cnn they have officially been charged. >> let me ask you about what the town is doing about this. it must be tearing people u
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1